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Salad girl

February 28, 2008 1 comment

spinach.jpgMy word – I made myself a delicious salad for lunch today.

See, if you know me, the words “delicious” and “made by me” shouldn’t go together, but I’ve been braver lately, using myself as a guinea pig as I tested various salads.

I never thought that I’ll be the gal who wolfs down a big heap of salad for lunch. I was a rice, fried food, pasta kinda gal.But after suffering sleepy afternoons thanks to my carbo-rich lunches (and breakfasts) and suffering diarrohea and (cough) gas problems immediately after eating white bread, I ditched white rice and white bread and began eating salads – reluctantly – for lunch.

In the beggining, my salads were made from a handful of leaves from the RM7 bag of “ready-to-eat” salad greens from the supermarket. The only thing I did to “spice it up” was to add pumpkin seeds. Ha.

Well, lately I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients and tried my hand at creating healthy dressings, something which I’ve not bothered with before.

Here’s the salad that got me so happy:

Spinach-asparagus ginger salad

Spinach leaves, diced
cashew nuts, grounded
onion, sliced finely
asparagus, stir-fried (with water)

The dressing, which is awesome (I got this recipe from a cookbook):

Ginger dressing

5cm ginger, finely grated
1 teaspoon of olive oil
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon of sugar

I’m not really good at cooking the protein part of the salad yet (though I’m improving), but I discovered that this salad goes super with sweet sour chicken or sweet chilli chicken. Um.

I thought the spinach leaves will be really bitter, but with the dressing, the spinach was crunchy and surprisingly flavourful. I think the salad will do really well ith a handful of black grapes too.

And the surprising thing about it (or maybe unsurprising) is how full I feel after the meal.

My next experiment will be Asian Seaweed Salad. Stay tuned!