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The vegan vs meat-eating fights

July 31, 2010 2 comments

I think I was rude to a vegetarian yesterday.

I was out with some folks who were vegetarians, so to be polite I became vegetarian for that meal, eventhough my inner caveman said Me want chicken now. Unfortunately, me and my big mouth, I just forgot to shut up about it. (This is what happens when you don’t know what to say to a bunch of people you have little in common with.) And my vegetarian clients in the end ended up apologising for making me feel awkward. And boy did I feel awkward!

What and how you eat is such a personal thing, but somehow when eating in the midst of vegetarians I feel like such an asshole. Here I am, a compassion-deficient meat eater and by de facto, killer of animals.

I tried to be vegan a few times a week in the past, but now I have to admit that I just simply don’t thrive on a vegan diet. I will feel weak, listless and tired after a vegan day. In fact, I noticed that I often tend to feel lethargic after eating tofu-heavy meals! However, on days where I eat like a caveman — lots of fish, meat, fruits and vegetables — I feel energetic and happy. I have come to accept that this is the way I should eat, eventhough I am attracted to the vegetarian lifestyle. Who wants to be indirectly responsible for animal cruelty?

There are many ardent fights online in blogs about why you should be vegan and why you should go paleo, but I’m annoyingly centrist about it all. How should you eat? Here’s my answer: Adopt the diet that suits your body.

Some people, like Natala at Vegan Hope just thrives on a vegan diet. Perhaps that’s because biochemically, her body is more suited to a vegan diet. I have a friend who is a happy omnivore. The lucky gal can eat grains without gaining a pound, but if she eats too much meat, especially red meat, she literally ‘overheats’ inside. I found the diversity in our biochemistry simply fascinating.

Irecently realised that meat is essential to my diet. I’ve always kidded around with vegetarian friends that I just can’t give up meat (actually, I can give up red meat and chicken, but you’ll have torture me to give up fish) but the truth was I know that if I give up meat I’ll simply get sick. I’ve tried it numerous times, and have stopped fighting my body. Now I eat according to Paleo Diet rules, and I love how wonderful it makes me feel.

So, when you find yourself in the middle of one of those diet debates in blogs, just excuse yourself from them because it’s not going to lead anywhere. I repeat: There’s no one diet for everyone; people just need to find out what works for them, that’s all! So, why waste your time wallowing in those fights? Spend that time figuring out what diet suits you instead.

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What I’ve been doing while I was away

Well, have I been away from this blog. For one year, at that.

If you look at the stats bar on the right, you’d notice that as of July 2010, my weight is 74kg, about 11kg lower than my last weigh in.

I wish I could say that I spent the entire year eating and exercising well and that’s how I got here.

Nope. Actually, my weight stalled for some time and I grew frustrated and went back to my old ways. I ate a bucket of ice-cream in days, indulged in pastries, sometimes eating about three to five rolls at a time!

Well, I could go on but let’s just say that I went a wee psycho. Frustration can do that to you, I guess. You think that since your best efforts produced zilch results, why bother?

My weight soared – I reganed all the weight I lost. And my insulin resistance was back in full force. Things became so bad that I would literally crash in the middle of the day. I became so tired that I had to drive back in the middle of a work day to sleep. I woke up every day tired and exhausted. I hated living like this.

So, desperate, I visited a doctor to get some diet advice. His treatment was unorthodox, but his diet was very much like the insulin resistance diet.

I discovered, through the whole diet he put me through, that I was never really strict enough with myself. I ate food in restaurants every day. And outside food is filled with things that can make you fat – oil, sugar, MSG. Also, I ate way too much at night. I ate without thinking.

Through the diet, I learned to cook. Oh yes, I started cooking all my meals myself. The weight came off quicker than I thought, which proved to me how effective the insulin resistance diet is for me, though I need to be ever more stricter than the book suggested.

So here I am, maintaining quite well because I make sure that I cook most of my meals. My aim is to lose 5 more kg until December. Wish me luck!

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