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Stellar day

Eu Cha Kway, two strips (a Chinese snack – basically flour fried in oil. Not very healthy!)
1 slice of cheese
3 pineapple tarts

Brocolli, carrots and mushrooms – stir fry with garlic and water, no oil
1/4 Roast chicken, which I bought from Cold Storage

Snack: 4 slices of green apple

French beans and mushrooms, stir fry with garlic and water, no oil
1/4 roast chicken – from Cold Storage

Around 1pm, I headed to the gym, particularly anxious to work off the flour and pineapple tarts. Spent about 20 min on the cross trainer, and 10 more minutes on threadmill (5.5mph, 2.0 incline) and ended with a little stretching.

Felt the itch to exercise again around 6pm. Put on an aerobics video – 15 min kickboxing, 10min light aerobics, 10 min yoga.

I feel really great today! Yahoo! Energy levels were steady all day, no lethargy or headaches.

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