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A good week

July 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I woke up exhausted today, and I wondered what in the world I did to make my body feel as if it has been put through the wringer. Then I remembered: I exercised four times a week last week! Woohoo!

Monday: 25minutes of light to moderate cardio, weight training for an hour
Wednesday: 20minutes of cardio, an hour of weight training
Saturday: Spent the entire day cleaning up the apartment (it takes a lot of energy!) and 50 minutes of FIRM exercise video. Lord it was tough.
Sunday: 40 minutes of steady state cycling, moderate.

So I did it – have a reasonably good exercise week.

I weighed myself on the scale today, despite telling myself that no miracles will happen and I was right – my weight remains stubbornly at 88kg. Was depressed for a while, then told myself: Hey, you’re not going to beat up yourself now that you’ve achieved a good exercise week, are you?

Besides, I have not weighed myself for a month, so I could’ve lost weight and not realised it. Also – didn’t you prefer to track your progress via pictures anyway?

Yes, I finally took pictures of myself and can I say it was horrifying. Staring at the pictures made me face up to the fact that I’ve gotten horribly fat and the only way is down or up the weight scale. I chose down.

Diabetes is knocking on my door – my father is borderline diabetic and my mother diabetic. My risk factor is extremely high.

I give myself until Dec 2008 to get my weight down to 80kg. Until then!

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