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My wake up call

Reading Kery of Color Me Fit’s post about her wake up call got me thinking about mine.

Ironically, my wake up call came when my sister began her emigration process to the United States. The whole thing shook me up because she was changing her life. I wasn’t. I know that I’m unhappy the way I am. At 88kg, I’m the fattest I’ve ever been. I know this cannot continue, especially since my mother is a diabetic and my father is a potential diabetic (he’s boderline).

But my wake up call didn’t spur me to change my life over night. I could feel that “click” inside, but I changed my life slowly – almost inch by inch – since late last year.

First, I changed my eating habits. I ate salads for lunch instead of the usual mixed rice I get from downstairs. I immediately felt an improvement in my moods and was more alert during the afternoon slump periods of 2pm – 4pm. This motivated me to eat more salads and improve my salad-making skills. (My first few salads were godawful.)

Then came the exercise. I got myself a stationery bike and began pedalling while watching TV, which worked beautifully for me.

Then began going to the gym more often, taking more Bodypump, RPM and Body Combat classes … things were looking up.

Until I got this nasty, nasty cough which morphed into pneumonia. Lasted a month, sapped my energy and I didn’t exercise for a month because I was too sick to do so. My eating habits didn’t go completely off the rails, but it was barely hanging on.

I have to bat away the super vicious critic in me who keeps whispering, “You have failed. Again.” And tell myself that it’s just a bump in the road and I just have to pick myself up.

So I’m doing so again. Slowly, one step at a time.

Today I made a pact with myself that if I can stick to a regular exercising and eat healthily 70% of the time, I’ll reward myself with a personal trainer.

This year, I swear, will be the year I lose at least 10kg. It’s time to get serious, it’s time to reclaim my life and it’s time to take control and live the life I want instead of watching from the sidelines, hiding in my fat suit.

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  1. beyond bluestockings
    February 28, 2008 at 10:46 am

    Great to hear you are making some sensible changes to look after yourself. It can be hard work to get back on track if you suffer a set back from illness, or some other major life change, but with such an inspiring post, just be sure to come back and read your goals again. You’ve given me some inspiration tonight, thanks!

  2. Poundsaway
    February 28, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    Hello Beyond Bluestockings! Welcome to my blog!

    I’m glad that I’ve given you some inspiration. Never thought I’d be a source of inspiration, the way I’m going!

    Yeah, it’s hard … it seems almost always that when I’m making some progress, I suffer some kinda setback … usually an illness, which makes me wonder if it’s related … perhaps I’m not eating enough vitamins, or am working too hard. Who knows?

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