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My diet personality

I took this Diet personality quiz and here are my results:

Your eating personality is Hearty Portioner

Hearty Portioners put too much food on their plates, usually finish it and feel stuffed. You eat quickly and really aren’t sure what constitutes a normal, healthy portion of food. Part of the problem is that restaurants serve such large portions of food, and you see others clean their plates just like you do. You want to be able to enjoy eating, but without overeating.

Your exercising personality is Rain Check Athlete

Rain Check Athletes are busy people who would like to work out if they only had the time. You’re tired of canceling workout dates and accumulating more rain checks. You’re frustrated because exercise is important to you but you just don’t know how to fit it in. The most exercise you’ve had lately is running to catch a bus while holding your umbrella. Does carrying an umbrella count as resistance training?

Your coping personality is Self Scrutinizer

Self Scrutinizers overemphasize the things they don’t like about themselves and underemphasize the good stuff. You feel ashamed of your body which impairs your feelings of self-worth and your social life. You know being so down all the time isn’t a good thing but you’re not sure how to stop the negative self-talk that keeps you there.

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