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Workout for March 5 to 11

March 12, 2007 Leave a comment

I didn’t work out at all from the end of february to March 4 because it was an ultra hectic week that week.

However, bucked a little bit last week:

March 5: Cycling on stationery bike 55 minutes (550cals)
March 6: Cycling on Stationery bike 45 minutes + 5 minutes of aerobics (450cals)
March 10: Pilates, 1 hr + Biking 30 minutes (interval, 300 cals)
March 11: Pilates, 1 hr

It’s not a bad week, but I aim to hike up my workout days from 3 days per week to four this week. Have been cyling a wee bit too much (am afraid the body will get to used to it) but I noticed an improvement in my stamina.

My weight dropped 1kg (in my apartment, it’s 85kg, in my parents’ house it’s 83kg) – I will record my apartment scale’s readings.

Am thinking that it’s time I take measurements of my body than to rely on the weighing scale which is temperamental at most. My weight yoyos 2kg each month because of PMS.

A lot of my friends have been reporting significant weight losses. I’m just frustrated I’ve not been getting their results, but one of my pals actually wake up at 5am (!) to go to the gym. I think it’s inhuman! But I do admire him for his grit. (But then again, that fellow is rather disciplined.)

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