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I heart Body Pump

Exercise: 1 hour of Body Pump + 15 minutes on the epileptical machin and 5 minutes on the threadmill

Breakfast: Pasta with tomato sauce and mushrooms with tuna. Lunch: 2 fried soft shell crab, mochi: 6, a bowl of salad with raw salmon slices, green tea, salmon maki. Dinner: Popiah

The pasta I took for breakfast fueled me up nicely for the Body Pump class. There was tiny girl in my class that was stacking such a big amount of weight on her barbells that I looked at my puny weights on my barbell and thought: “Oh boy…”

I didn’t find class taxing (maybe because of my puny weights, ahem) but doing lunges still do a number on my heels (my calves are too tight these days, and they end up pulling on my plantar fascia too much. And my knees – I must’ve been doing something wrong too because it hurts once in a while when I do squats.

After the class, I wasn’t even winded and did some light aerobics for 20 minutes. Then it was a nice bath and my favourite part of all: some time in the steam room.

Unfortunately, I think I went overboard with my lunch because I felt overly full. Next time, I’ll just take 1 plate of mochi and no more soft shell crab!

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