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Being fat means you’re treated differently

Just read an article by Laura Moncur of Starling Fitness: Why I believe in Fat Acceptance.

When I was fat, I worked hard at my jobs, yet I had to defend myself against implications that I was lazy all the time. Weighing 235 pounds had absolutely no effect on how many phone calls I could answer or how many insurance claims I could process every day, yet I was constantly defending myself against insults about laziness. Not even my daily performance, which was one of the highest in my group, could protect me from those insults. Only losing the weight changed their perception of me.

I cannot deny the fact that being fat affects how people look at me. I used to be at a normal weight once, and I did get appreciative looks. Now that I’m 20kg overweight, I might as well been invisible. Worse, I have to endure jibes and insults from people who think they mean well. Once, somebody remarked about me: “I can’t believe someone so fat could be so smart!”

If I truly want to be honest with myself, I am losing weight not just because of my health, but because I want to be noticed again. I hate the fact that I’m still single because I’m not noticed.

In Asia, especially, if you’re fat, you’re simply very unattractive. You’re not in the “dating” market. AT ALL.

Laura says that if you accept yourself, love your body, you’ll be treating it better. I guess I have to say that I truly hate my body. I am not exactly sure how I’m supposed to get over this “hate”, but I do try to treat it better when I have the will.

The strange thing about the responses to Laura’s article is how they think she’s advocating “Love yourself for being fat, you don’t have to do anything about it.” I don’t think that’s her message at all. It is: “Accept that you’re fat, love yourself anyway and do something about it.”

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