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By all accounts, I only have 20kg to lose, but why do I find it soooo difficult to even lose 1kg. I look at other weight loss bloggers who sometimes have lost 100s of pounds and I’m shaking my head. What do they have that I don’t?

Well, discipline!

I asked my sister yesterday how many times to the gym she goes and she told me three times, and each time she’s there she spends more than an hour at the machines.

I can’t delude myself into thinking that my weight doesn’t matter anymore. A colleague of mine is severely overwheight and she has all kinds of health problems. Am I staring at my future self??

I swear, for the sake of my health (and marital prospects!) that this is the last year I’ll be overweight.

But inside, I have this frustrated/afraid feeling that I will fail. Again. It’s a tough feeling to beat. I try to be upbeat, but after repeated regainings (my body seemed determined to hang on to the ol’ weight) I’m almost done. But I won’t stop struggling … all I have to do is look at my colleague and realise that if I don’t do something, I’ll end up diabetic, unable to breathe properly and with a host of joint problems that will limit my mobility.

So, my plan? Start slow and easy. Crosses fingers.

PS: I just realised, as I looked through the archives, that I’ve been repeating “I have no discipline” in several posts. Man, you’d think I’d get a clue! ;D

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