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Back to the drawing board

Felt a bit depressed that I have regained the weight over Christmas, but at least I didn’t regain 4kg but just 2kg. Sigh. And I was surfing the other fat-loss blogs out there and envied them for their success. They had to lose literally 100+kg, and me, who only has 24kg to lose, can’t even do it! Grumble.

At least now I know the real reason why I can’t lose weight. It’s not the method of losing weight that is setting me back. It is my lack of focus and discipline. A little exercise here a little dieting there … doesn’t quite help.

Today is a holiday, and I hope to go for a swim in the afternoon, do 15 laps in the pool or something.

I have this headache right now – I think my glasses are such a pain, they press down on the bridge of my nose so much – and feel overall quite blah. I hope I can do something somehow, though.

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