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Furtive dieter

I realise in 2006 (which was a mere 20 hours ago) that  the main reason why I have not been able to really lose weight is because I lack will and discipline. (No, duh.) What really did it  for me, however, was when my mum was diagnosed with diabetes. Then I had heel pain, which I’m convinced is due to my extra weight. It scared me enough to cut off a lot of sugar from my diet. So much so that the next thing I knew, I was 4kg lighter!

However, true to myself, the moment I received that parcel of big news, I let go – despite reminding myself not to! Now I’ve gained 2kg (thanks, Christmas!) and have to cut away sugar again. I have been letting myself indulge in one too many bars of chocolates, and it’s time to get serious again.

I hope that somehow by blogging about my weight aims I could do something about it. Make it a conscious effort, somehow. Oh well, here’s to new year resolutions!

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